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The IAC Cave Diver course is diving beyond the daylight zone, in zone 2 without direct surface. Penetration depths up to max. 500 m can be achieved depending on the cave. The course provides a broad insight into the sporting cave diving, both in theory and especially in practice.

Unlike the Cavern training, the requirement for human and equipment are much higher. The air - light - string rule finds a consistent application here. Limited to penetration by a max. depth of 30 meters, no post–sump diving and no dive through constrictions (penetration). The size of the aisle should provide two adjacent divers enough space. The air supply must not fall below 2800 Barl. This results in a minimum tank size of 2 x 7 liters.

This course is only double tank dives. The equipment unit must consist of 2 completely separate (or separated by a lockable bridge) tanks. During the training mainly cave diving techniques are teached therefore it's not necessary to use nitrox as the breathing gas. Should Nitrox be used, a Nitrox Basic certification is mandatory.

Under certain circumstances, decompression dives are allowed. As decompression nitrox mixtures can be used up to 100% oxygen if the student has an Advanced Nitrox certification. A use of Trimix or Heliox as breathing gases is not permitted during the Cave Diver course. The limit of the dives (dive depth, penetration depths, dive time, bottlenecks), is given by the measures above.

Compliance with the rule of thirds, (1/3 reaching target, 1/3 way back, 1/3 reserve) is mandatory. Under special circumstances, it is even advisable, the respiratory gas to calculate conservative example 1/4 for reaching the target. During the dives, no more than 2 students will be taught by a Full Cave Instructor IAC.

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3 Day

- Minimum age 18 years
- A medical statement signed
  by a physician within the last
  12 months.
- Minimum Cavern Diver or
- At least 75 logged dives
  including 5 logged night dives
  and 4 logged cavern dives
  after cavern certification.

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