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Nitrox Advanced


The Nitrox Diver Advanced is your entry level into technical diving. You will learn the safe gas exchange underwater on bottom-and Dekomix and the use of highly concentrated nitrox mixtures or pure oxygen as deco gas. Here is the special emphasis on the safe handling of the additional equipment such as stage tank, buoy and reel, and the proper configuration and arrangement of the entire diving equipment.

In theory, we teach you the safe planning of these dives, the needed gas management and legal regulations that you have to consider when oxygen enriched mixtures. You will learn about the necessary equipment needed and the benefits and dangers of diving with oxygen-enriched gases . In addition to traditional dive tables and dive computers which support the gas exchange you will learn the creation of Run-Time and decorative tables on computers with special software.

Important: Within the training no decompression dives will be done!

Theoretical Training

  • Physiological aspects
  • Oxygen and nitrogen problems
  • Nitrox tables and –dive computer
  • CNS, OTU, decompression and gas consumption calculations
  • Dive planning based on computer programs
  • Legal basis
  • Gas management
  • Necessary additional equipment


Practical Training

  • 20 min. Time snorkeling with full equipment (at least 500 m)
  • Diving with air supply of the dive partner
  • Change from the bottom-to Dekomix
  • Device & Stage take off and put on in the water
  • Open & close valves
  • Dives in 20 - 40 m depth in salt or 20 - 30 m depth in fresh water / at least 15 minutes
  • Changing to alternative air supply (valve management)


2 Days

- Nitrox Basic Certificate
- Minimum age 18 years
- A medical statement signed
  by a physician within the last
  12 months.
- Medical First Aid
- At least 50 logged dives since
  Nitrox Basic certification

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